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Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed (Sons of Sin) - Anna Campbell This is your typical Beauty and the Beast story. In fact, it follows very closely to the original story even though it is adapted to this story. Even with its faithful adherence to the well known storyline, it doesn't take away from the suspense of figuring out how the story will unfold or at what point does the story deviate from the B & B story.

Jonas at times lays his "evil" on a little too thick and his guilty conscious about how he made his money to the extent that it is portrayed seems a little contrived. I understand it's part of the he's done bad thing but also felt remorse etc.

Rebecca, though a tragic figure, is not portrayed as well liked and twisted by her husband's cruelty. Thus the perfect contrast for Sidonie, the heroine of the story. She's strong and courageous.

The part I hate is the very end. Jonas really doth protests too much. The rejection he wields at the end (their last final conflict) just didn't flow well for me. I'm not sure if its due to me being jaded with the genre's story archetype or its because of this particular story. Even the resolution just didn't do it for me. With the intensity of the earlier part of the story, this last hurdle seemed like a let down for some reason.

I enjoyed the book and was very engrossed.