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The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne - Madeline Hunter The book was very enjoyable but felt a lot like a setup book. While the story focussed on the main hero/heroine, there were a lot of open subplots hinted throughout the story.

Now the problems I have with the story.
First, Southwaite is an arrogant lord. He is not used to being questioned and having his way. Therefore, I couldn't believe he could accept their class difference. Not to mention his arrogance was annoying and bratty so I had a hard time liking him.

Next, the story's pacing seemed to drag at times and then suddenly speed up or too quickly resolved especially at the end.

okay, those are my main issues with the book. However although I liked the Rarest Bloom series more, I still will continue to read this series in hopes that a more focussed story is told. The next on is Charlotte and Ambury. I wonder if there will be one on Marie Lyon and Kendale and maybe Lydia and Penhurst.