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Captive of Sin - Anna Campbell This title is so misleading. In fact, I almost skipped over it as I was browsing through the elibrary but since it was available I decided to give it a try.

The title makes it seem more salacious than it really is. The main male protagonist, Gideon, is a recently released prisoner of war in a conflict in India for the British Empire. Obviously Gideon has issues and while they try to make it seems salacious; the true nature is revealed fairly early. However, this thread continues in the course of his relationship with the main female protagonist, Charise Weston aka Sarah.

Sarah/Charise comes with her own baggage. She's on the run from some evil but powerful guardians so she has major trust issues. She gets mixed up with Gideon and they become entangled.

The story overall focusses Gideon and Charise and the story gets pretty engrossing though can drag at parts. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable novel. Not a very deep read but not a light read either.