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Lord Harry - Catherine Coulter The whole gender-bender plotlines are one of my favorites but also one of the most difficult for an author to pull off.

In this story, Henrietta Rolland aka Lord Harry Monlieth, is on a mission to avenge her brother's death from the man she believes is responsible for engineering the plot that put him in harm's way. In general, I enjoyed the story. However, there were some many weak points.

The majority of the books concentrates on Hetty's vendetta with Jason Candaver whom she believes is responsible for her beloved brother's death. So much so that when the love interest blooms, it seems to be unbelieveable. At least on Jason's part, we can believe it but with Hetty who harbored such deep hatred for him, while it is plausible she may have feelings for him. The depth at which she falls is what is hard to swallow.

The other parts of the novel was a bit clunky in terms of flow. Only in the beginning while everything was being set up. It wasn't bad; just jarring. Once all the flashbacks were finished, the story moved smoothly.

The last part that was weird was after Jason and Hetty learned that her father was responsible for Damein's death (along with Jason's uncle). Their reaction and subsequent actions didn't ring right with me. I can understand that they lived with it as a secret but Hetty's reactions and Jason's reactions just struck me as odd.

Aside from the weak points, I loved how Hetty trained for her revenge plot and charmed Candaver's mistress. It was pretty entertaining.