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Somewhere I'll Find You - Lisa Kleypas I enjoyed the novel. I'm a sucker for hidden identity plots. This novel involved Damon and Julia/Jessica though it is really more Julia's story. Damon's character isn't really fleshed out and tends to come off very high handed and more of a jerk. Since we have more of Julia's side of the story, you can't help but to be in her camp. Kleypas also does a wonderful job with the professional tension between Julia and Logan. While on-stage they may play love-interests, off-stage it couldn't be more professional.

Okay, here's the part where I really have a problem accepting. She and Damon finally accept their relationship. How do they manage her stage career and her station in life? It's glossed over as if it were all okay except for two professionals but honestly, the Ton is not forgiving if not vicious. Especially with Pauline in the story who is aggressive and a very nasty character, do you think she wouldn't spread vicious gossip about Julia/Jessica or let them live happily ever after? Not that I want their ending to have hardship, its just the way it was wrapped up in the end that just made it so unbelievable to me. Plus, they only thwarted Pauline's scheme, but they really didn't effectively put an end to Pauline imho. She is such a nasty self-centered character, I just don't see her going quietly into the night after the foiled pregnancy plot.