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The Lady Risks All - Stephanie Laurens I almost didn't feel like picking up this book after burning myself out on reading so many of her novels and the teaser didn't do anything for me. But after reading the reviews of fellow GR users, I decided to give it a try and was not disappointed.

I liked the story though at times certain scenes seemed to drag. However, the suspense has you guessing and leaving you anxious to figure out who and what is going on with Roderick and the ultimate plot. I enjoyed the story and the characters. We also have token appearances from Allacydace and Wolverstone from the Bastion Club series.

My one pet peeve which really is a personal one, not on the book or the story etc.. I hate when you are subject to twists and turns with the bad guy magically appearing out of nowhere near the end. That's how I felt with the bad guy. CHEAP! But that's really my personal issue. Laurens still did a fine job weaving that character in and the twists and turns towards the end of the novel.