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Sleepless in Scotland - Karen Hawkins I picked this up after reading the Hurst series, curious about Catriona and Caitlyn. I thought the story was okay but I really didn't like Hugh.

Again, I seem to have a problem with the MacLean males as I also didn't like Alex either. There is an edge to them that I can't reconcile and made all the other parts hard to swallow. And it seemed to cross a line of inherent decency that couldn't be redeemed in my eyes.

Yea, yea, he was nice to adopt the girls that weren't his from a cruel former lover. Ya, yay, puppies and flowers whatever. It wasn't enough because it just didn't weave together right especially how callously he treated Triona and he regarded her. He still irritated me.

On the other hand, Catriona is a strong spirited woman who isn't your typical bratty overbearing heroine you get either. She was the one who dealt beautifully with the girls. Their interactions are what made the book.

I don't know why the MacLean brothers rub me the wrong way. Maybe I missed the build up from the previous books.