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The Untamed Bride  - Stephanie Laurens I really enjoyed this novel. In this series, it begins in India where a smart, ruthless cult leader is terrorizing and gaining control. The good guys know who it is but need irrefutable proof and a well connected advocate at home in England to bring down the cult leader who is also a well connected, powerful Englishman. While our story starts in India, most of it takes place after everyone has returned home to England.

We have the reappearance of the Cynsters and characters from the Bastion Club series involved. They aide in the effort to bring the evidence home and to the right authorities. In many ways, Dalziel now known by his real name and title, becomes the elusive unknown to the Black Cobra cult as the last traitor was to him during the Bastion Club series.

Deliah is an unconventional heroine. Her intelligence is well showcased without the usual excessive stubbornness associated with strong willed heroines though she still stubborn enough. The point isn't belabored and she is part of the action.

Del is your typical Laurens hero. Strong, intelligent and jaded. He is not as high handed as the heros in her other works and there's not much to say except that he does his part.

I also liked that the bad guys are ruthless and smart as well as well-connected. We also get to read about them plotting their moves as well though not as thorough as the good guys. It's a nice change of pace instead of getting the reveal from other characters or from the good guys post-mortem.

So far, I like this series the most. There's enough attention to the intrigue and action, tight character development with it being focused on the main plot rather than being a parallel secondary plot and it's great to see familiar characters from previous series play a strong part in the story. Can't wait to read the next novel in this series.