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The Seduction of Phaeton Black - Jillian Stone I torn between giving this a 2 star or 3 star. I think it's better than okay but I didn't really like it either - not my personal preference though an enjoyable diversion.

The author has great cinematographic style of writing. The book is written as a series of stylized scenes and abrupt transitions (cutaways) typically seen in movies. A lot of slick dialogue and action as well. The plot line was very engrossing.

While the action and plot is engrossing, the character development was superficial at best. I really really wanted to like Phaeton and America but I really just couldn't. With the slick style of the novel, you really couldn't get a good sense of depth in him although the author does try to develop layers to Phaeton's character. America is given the most superficial development and mostly serves as a development device for Phaeton.

With that said, it's a fun story and if you're not looking for character driven story, this is a very enjoyable engrossing steampunk thriller.