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Seductive Secrets - Colleen Connally,  Carrie James Haynes This Amazon Ebook freebie starts out very fast paced and has a lot of intrigue and suspense. It is very engrossing as you try to puzzle out the mystery and conspiracy behind Hyte's and Roland's death. There are a lot of red herrings nicely woven in.

what I couldn't deal with is the sudden revelation that Julian and Roland has switched places and Julian had been working with Alyce's father. Julian's reaction and ignorance of Alyce's true identity in the beginning of the story, doesn't work for me with this revelation towards the end.

The other part that didn't sit well with me was the supernatural element during the final chase scene. Roland's ghost? It just didn't work with me.

Those were the only elements I could not reconcile. Otherwise, it was a pleasant surprise especially since it was being offered for free on Amazon.