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Miss Chesney's Charade (Signet Regency Romance)

Miss Cheney's Charade - Emily Hendrickson The characters in this novel are loosely related to the ones introduced in The Fashionable Spy. Emma is a proper lady with an artistic talent and deep curiosity in Antiquities. She masquerades as her brother in order to attend the unrolling of a mummy by one of her idols. Peter isn't fooled but allows the charade to continue and is really happy to spend quality time with Emma aka George in an environment without the artifice and pressures of the Ton.

It's a cute story with light intrigue. Even the side story of Worcester and Amelia is nicely woven into the story. True, a lot if the plot is predictable but a lot of fun. If you are looking for light fun fare with a bit of intrigue, this novel will not disappoint.