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The Spy's Bride (Zebra Regency Romance)

The Spy's Bride - Lynn Collum I really wanted to like this novel but couldn't. It wasn't that the story was bad but the character development was inconsistent. Our heroine runs away to escape the machinations of her Uncle only to accept marriage to a man who she doesn't even know without much of a fuss. Then goes off to meet his family without him. Victoria's development barely happens and only when its convenient to the writer's story. There is also a lack of bonding between Kit and Victoria which makes their story so unbelievable and hard to feel for the characters or for it to be believable that Victoria would have faith in Kit.

While the plot had potential, too many obstacles are resolved almost as quickly as they arise, never to be seen again. You have some sense of jeopardy but it is never fully developed to a believable level. The plot and character development suffers from ADD. The very inconsistent development prevents you from sitting back and enjoying the story as it unfolds.