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女王の花 1 (フラワーコミックス)

女王の花 1 - Kaneyoshi Izumi, 和泉かねよし I am a total sucker for historical action adventure. This story involves Asian Imperial court intrigue and follows the story of a princess whose mother has been usurped by another wife who bore a son to the King and cruelly relegated them to pauper status. Princess Aki befriends a slave boy with unusual blond hair and blue eyes named Hakusei. After rescuing him from the Second Queen, he becomes devoted to her and they lean on each other as they try to survive the treachery of court life.

Right now, the focus is on Princess Aki's development into adolescence and the dangers she faces as well as the bond between Hakusei. I enjoy the artwork and the story. It is focussed and depth.