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A Suitable Connection (Regency)

A Suitable Connection (Regency) - Cindy Holbrook If you are in the mood for a very light novel, this book is for you. The tone is never really serious and even the serious points are rather glib. In fact, that is my only complaint. From the get go, the main characters are just too glib and too well composed. It's like they are acting out a play. Don't get me wrong. The characters are a lot of fun and Holbrooks starts the novel and ends the novel with the same glibness. There's light intrigue of course. You have the scheming suitors, ne'er do well relatives and the spunky yet witty good guys. It is completely a two dimensional story. If you are looking for believable yet light fare, you might be disappointed. If you are looking for a madcap romantic comedy, this novel will definitely delight.