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Modern Japan: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Nationalism

Modern Japan: An Encyclopedia Of History, Culture, And Nationalism - James L. Huffman This books best serves a person who at least have some knowledge of Modern Japan. It's written in encyclopedia form and each entry is as in-depth as an encyclopedia with only a few columns and superficial descriptions of the events whether to a particular movement or person's career. Since I had no knowledge, it was interesting to skim through the entries but wasn't really helpful for me. I'm not at the level of knowledge where this book will be informative.

If you are someone with prior knowledge looking to deepen it, then this book might be helpful. However, if you have no knowledge, this book will not provide you with a cohesive look at Japanese history or culture. In fact, it'll just be a jumble of information with no real cohesion as the book is done in alphabetical order rather than chronological order.