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Lord Dancy's Delight (Signet)

Lord Dancy's Delight - Emily Hendrickson This novel is akin to a romantic comedy. While there are serious amount of action, it has a light sitcom feel to it. I had mixed feelings about the Chinese companion. While I think it was a nice departure from the usual Regency set up, Mei's development was painfully typical -- spouting supposedly wise axioms and awkward English every so often. Not sure why it bothered me since I'm not sure if it was or was not a reasonable representation for the time period.

While I enjoyed Amelia's ingenue like personality, I really disliked Geoffrey. He's a jerk. I really really didn't think he deserved Amelia. Considering he had no problems running with his lady birds when Amelia was around without feeling any guilt over it. Sure he missed her when she left. Whatever. It would have been better if Peter was paired with her. Oh well.