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Elizabeth's Rake (Signet)

Elizabeth's Rake - Emily Hendrickson In the Fashionable Spy, I was intrigued by Leighton and Elizabeth's antagonism so I couldn't wait to read their story. At first, the beginning was a bit boring and I really was annoyed with Hyacinth, Elizabeth's cousin. I suspect her role in the story only served to generate interest in a subsequent novel where she is featured but she seems spoiled and self-centered in all her appearances in this story. However, once we get passed the intro, the story begins to pick up especially after Elizabeth mistakenly shots Leighton while he breaks into her bedroom seeking her help.

The remainder of the story involves the mystery of Leighton's father whose health has been mysteriously declining for no real reason whatsoever. Leighton enlists her help to investigate the mystery. The mystery part is great. Everyone is a suspect. In fact, the intrigue part of the story is so good that the romance part is barely a part of the story though it's better developed than in some of her other novels. I really enjoyed this novel and reading about the Dancy sisters' story. While this novel is not as light as the previous ones, still not too heavy either. It's a nice distraction.