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The Brazen Bride (Black Cobra Quartet, #3)

The Brazen Bride (Black Cobra Quartet, #3) - Stephanie Laurens This installment was a nice change of pace though the coupling scenes were excessive in quantity and rapid succession; it did make the story drag a bit. The heroine more than holds her own and already situated as such (whether in reality, she would have been able to do what she did is another matter but you really aren't given the time to dwell on it). Yes, you do have the typical couples angst faced with each installment but the intrigue and suspense is still engrossing. And we are getting closer to the true identity of the Black Cobra. I also love how the bad guys are slowly becoming more developed as we are also given more details and perspective on previously mentioned incidents in the earlier installments as the timeline of all of these novels are taking place concurrently.

Of course, now we have more information with regards to the nature of the three people involved with leading the Black Cobra Cult. There is an incestual element to it as well as a noticeable avoidance of gender identifying pronouns with regards to Alex. But, it can still go either way. I guess we'll have to stay tuned to the final installment.