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Origin in Death
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Jay Rubin
The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had - Susan Wise Bauer This book just surprised me on many levels. When the library got the book in for me, I was already reading her other work, The Well-Trained Mind and was expecting a rehash but was pleasantly surprised. This approachable work briefly talks about Bauer's own experience with her education. From there, she shares a general plan for the adult to get the classical background that is no longer taught in school. She gives down to earth advice and reaffirmed a few things I had picked up on my own. She covers the area of literature, history, biography/autobiography, and poetry. Each chapter gives you the skinny on the history of the movements (all based on Western civilization) and suggested works to read. She also gives you a method to approach each subject to help train initial lines of inquiry. It was a quick read and a pleasure.