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Lady Silence (Signet Regency Romance) - Blair Bancroft,  Delle Jacobs This story made no sense. While the plot and story was fine, the character development was all over the place. I understand what the author was trying to do but it was sloppy and almost depended way too much on the plot. I really found everyone's reaction to Katy's supposed betrayal a little much. I think that it should have been a few and not everyone. After all, she was 12 when she arrived.

And quite frankly, Damon was a total self centered jerk. I really can't excuse him because he's an adult that was way older than Katy. In fact, I think that is what pissed me off the most. I can't stand adult characters acting like children.

Okay, here's the big rank. What the hell was Damon thinking (or the writer) setting up his friends to think it was okay to attack Katy. First of all, this just made an already unlikeable character even more unlikeable and to have the story loop back to he and Katy having a HEA much harder and less credible. I realize that we are being shown how class affected attitudes and particularly in the case of women but it was not executed well. How could he have friends who were animals? It does not bear well for Damon either.

The story had great potential and I think if there were less high-handed moments to kitchen sink Katy, then it might have played better. Damon too. Character development might have mitigated some of the attitude (though not his actions) but we don't have that so he remains a total selfish jerk and a disappointment.