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図書館戦争 LOVE&WAR 11 - Kiiro Yumi, Hiro Arikawa Since I attempted to read this in Japanese, I'm sure I missed a lot of nuances. However, I still enjoyed this volume. The Library Defence Force faces the showdown with the MBA task force to protect a controversial art exhibit. There is a lot going on between Dojo and Kasahara as their interaction gains more depth (though not necessarily their romantic relationship so to speak). A lot of dramatic action occurs in this volume which is hard to describe without spoilers but there are huge organizational shake ups that occur. There is also a special chapter that totally messes with the reader and in some ways on our desire for Dojo and Kasahara to move onto the next phase. Also a short omake of an expanded version of the bus ride back to Tokyo. I enjoyed this volume and can't wait for it to come out in English to catch all that I missed.