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Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor - Lisa Kleypas The funny thing was that I was coming to the library to pick up book 4 of the series which came in for me. While browsing through the stacks, I found book 1 which I had never read but read a lot of good reviews about it on Goodread.

This one is by far my favorite of the series. The story is about loss and healing. While the main characters all had different issues regarding loss, they melded well. The story introduces us to the Nolan brothers and their niece, Holly. Victoria, their sister, dies in a car accident and Mark becomes the guardian to his niece. While Sam and Mark struggle to help Holly, Maggie, a toy shop owner, draws Holly out of her shell and sense of loss. Maggie understands as she has her loss and her walls to deal with as well.

This book is about relationships at different levels whether family or between partners. The Nolan family is a damaged one. The extent of the damage is further explored in subsequent novels. They are trying to figure things out. There isn't the perfect character in this novel. There's no real deep plot or even super deep character development but Kleypas is able to draw you into the emotions of the characters.