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Lord John and the Private Matter  - Diana Gabaldon It was okay. I read halfway through the book and just couldn't finish it after being burned out by Outlander. Lord John is a very melancholic serious person. But the action and story is so superficial even for the thriller genre. It wasn't bad and I probably would have finished if I hadn't just read Outlander and needed more lighter fare but I was at the mercy of the library wait list and it was my turn.

Again, it is not as involved as her main series, the Outlander series which I believe Lord John is appears as a recurring character in later novels. He is a downer of a person and was not at all fun to read. I was curious with the intrigue but it didn't grip me enough to want to finish the book. I'm still holding onto it until the library takes it back but I'm fairly certain I just won't be in the mood for this book.