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Skip Beat!, Vol. 12 - Yoshiki Nakamura Kyoko continues to help Ren work though his personal and professional road blocks. Here is where Ren also realizes his true feelings for Kyoko while she remains stubbornly oblivious. What's sweet is that Ren is completely sensitive to it. While he may tease her, it's not as ruthlessly as before or as in other manga which drives me crazy. Now, there is also a new tension as Ren is aware of his feelings and Kyoko not being ready to confront such feelings. Kyoko is seeing hints of something more from Ren but chooses to remain oblivious to them. Folks, she's not dumb. She has walls,too but this is Ren's story right now.

Again, I love the development and all the secondary characters and their roles in Ren's progress. Love President Lory. He is one of my favorite characters. He completely supports the main characters with a mixture of ruthlessness, joie de vive and heart. He has lots of layers.

And now, we'll have to wait for the next edition to see whether Ren is able to save his place in Dark Moon.

I did have to take one star away. The role playing scene with Kyoko dragged a bit. This doesn't happen too often in Skip Beat.