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Lord of Ice - Gaelen Foley What I liked about this novel is that from the get go, you know what's going on and who the bad guys are. The suspense lies with how our hero and heroine figure it out while dealing with their relationship issues. It made it quite a relaxing read where you just go with the flow and see how Damien deals with his post-traumatic stress syndrome and how they get their act together. Miranda's character doesn't really go through any real evolution. It pretty much remains the same. While I liked her, she wasn't a compelling character. Of course, Damien took center stage.

Aside from that, there were points of the story that just seemed underdeveloped or superfluous. It felt that there was more to the story that was cut out mid thought.

One other thing that annoyed me was how sex crazed Damien seemed in the beginning and fighting with his self-imposed celibacy. I couldn't help rolling my eyes. I really hate that plot device. Thankfully, it was only in the beginning.