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A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis - Jillian Stone This installment is filled with slick dialogue, a lot of action, and light character development that I've come to associate with this particular author.

If you are not looking for any deep character development or in the mood for a purely superficial story, this is the series for you. I think this novel is better than the first one. While there is slick dialogue, it is better incorporated in the story and gets toned down midway through the story.

There is less gratuitous elements though certainly not devoid of it either. There is more attention paid to hero/heroine but not a whole heck of a lot. Both characters are strong though I would have liked to see more development of her engineering knowledge that we seemed to have been teased with.

The elements I wasn't really enamored with were the incessant action scene after action scene as well as some heavy handed plot devices. But that aside and being familiar with the author's style, I enjoyed reading the novel.

This series is a lot better than Phaetom Black series. There is more character development done with the main characters. It reads very much at the intensity and superficiality of a romantic action movie. If you are an intense reader and prefer a more substantial character driven fare, then you might want to skip this novel or go into it with an open mind.